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Table 4 Rumen fluid characteristics of Holstein cows fed total mixed diets containing monoculture bahiagrass baleage (MBB), bahiagrass-alfalfa baleage (BAB) and conventional corn silage (CCS) 1

From: Evaluation of alfalfa inter-seeding effect on bahiagrass baleage fermentation and lactating Holstein performance

  Silage crop
pH 6.40a 6.61a 6.55a 0.11
Lactate 0.02a 0.03a 0.05a 0.01
Acetate 55.23a 39.60b 42.30b 3.11
Propionate 13.69a 9.20b 11.83ab 0.99
Butyrate 0.36a 1.08a 0.18a 0.26
Isobutyrate 9.02a 6.04a 6.30a 1.13
Valerate 17.90a 10.15a 14.06a 2.54
Isovalerate 0.12a 0.12a 0.54a 0.25
Total VFA 96.20a 66.19b 75.21b 5.75
A:P2 4.08ab 4.34a 3.67b 0.13
  1. a, b, cMeans in a row with different superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05).
  2. 1Rumen fluid collected via rumenocentesis on d-42 prior to a.m. feeding (4 h fast).
  3. 2Acetate to propionate ratio.