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Table 3 Lactation performance of Holstein cows fed total mixed diets containing monoculture bahiagrass baleage (MBB), bahiagrass-alfalfa baleage (BAB) or conventional corn silage (CCS)

From: Evaluation of alfalfa inter-seeding effect on bahiagrass baleage fermentation and lactating Holstein performance

  Silage crop
Cows 12 12 12  
DM intake, kg 19.51a 21.56a 25.50b 0.75
CP intake, kg 2.86a 3.20ab 3.48b 0.24
NDF intake, kg 9.81a 10.26a 8.18b 0.85
Milk yield, kg1 26.11a 28.44b 33.12c 0.71
3.5% FCM, kg 27.58a 29.83a 35.26b 1.20
Fat,% 3.87a 3.95a 3.83a 0.12
Fat, kg 1.00a 1.09a 1.28b 0.06
Protein,% 3.08a 3.04a 3.24b 0.04
Protein, kg 0.89a 0.89a 0.95b 0.01
Lactose,% 4.64a 4.68a 4.78b 0.02
Lactose, kg 1.37a 1.38a 1.40a 0.01
MUN, mg/dL 16.80a 15.76a,b 14.31b 0.53
SCC × 1,000 304a 209a 221a 89
FE2, kg fcm/kg DMI 1.49a 1.42a 1.38a 0.06
Initial BW, kg 611.17a 611.26a 657.12a 21.50
Final BW, kg 616.90a 643.38a 681.29a 21.60
BW gain, kg 5.73a 32.12b 24.17ab 4.71
Initial BCS 2.83a 2.63a 2.64a 0.15
Final BCS 2.78a 2.67a 3.03a 0.13
BCS change -0.05a 0.04a 0.39b 0.11
  1. a, b, cMeans in a row with different superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05).
  2. 1Milk yield for BAB tended to be higher than MBB (P < 0.10). Milk yield for CCS was higher than either MBB or BAB (P < 0.05).
  3. 2FE = feed efficiency.