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Figure 2

From: Evaluation of steroidogenic capacity after follicle stimulating hormone stimulation in bovine granulosa cells of Revalor 200® implanted heifers

Figure 2

Expression of key steroidogenic enzymes is altered in FSH stimulated granulosa cells from implanted heifers. Bovine small follicle granulosa cells were treated as described in Figure 1. Gene expression data are represented as fold change for each group compared to its respective control to demonstrate individual group response to FSH treatment. Fold change of (A) STAR, (B) CYP11A1, (C) 3βHSD, and (D) CYP19A1 mRNA expression was analyzed by real time-PCR. Statistical significance is presented as the least square mean ± pooled standard error. *P < 0.10 and **P < 0.05 indicates a significant difference when compared with non-implanted heifers.

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