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Table 1 Effects of added dietary fiber in either a clean or dirty environment on weanling pig performance (Montagne et al.[6])1

From: Practical starter pig amino acid requirements in relation to immunity, gut health and growth performance

Items Clean Dirty
  Control Fiber Control Fiber
d 0 to 14     
ADG, g2 128 127 132 91
ADFI, g2 228 218 275 241
G:F3 .524 .543 .452 .424
  1. 1Pigs assigned to the good sanitary conditions were housed in cleaned and disinfected rooms; pigs assigned to the poor sanitary conditions were housed in rooms that were not cleaned; the Control and Fiber diets used during d 0 to 14 were 121 and 169 g/kg of total dietary fiber, respectively.
  2. 2Effect of added dietary fiber, (P < 0.10).
  3. 3Effect of sanitary condition, (P < 0.01).