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Table 4 Forward and reverse porcine primer sequences and accession numbers of genes used in quantitative RT-PCR analysis

From: Pigs fed camelina meal increase hepatic gene expression of cytochrome 8b1, aldehyde dehydrogenase, and thiosulfate transferase

Gene Forward primer Reverse primer GenBank accession # cDNA size, bp
CYP8b1 5′-aagtgggccggctccagtgt-3′ 5′-gcccgagccccatggcatag-3′ NM_214426.1 625
Aldh2 5′-gcatcggcatgttgcgccct-3′ 5′-ggtaggtccggtcccgctca-3′ NM_001044611.2 374
TST 5′-cgggctcaagggcggtacct-3′ 5′-tttgcccacggggcatggac-3′ XM_001926303 435
Gstmu 5 5′-tcgcccgcaagcacaacatgt-3′ 5′-acaagcagtgcaagtccgcct-3′ AK233626.1 453
β-actin 5′-acatcaaggagaagctgtgc-3′ 5′-ttggcgtagaggtccttgc-3′ AY550069 256