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Table 1 Traditional classification of AA as EAA and NEAA in swine nutrition

From: Biochemical and physiological bases for utilization of dietary amino acids by young Pigs

Arginine1 Alanine
Histidine Asparagine
Isoleucine Aspartate
Leucine Cysteine2
Lysine Glutamate2
Methionine Glutamine2
Phenylalanine Glycine2
Threonine Proline2
Tryptophan Serine
Valine Tyrosine2
  1. 1Currently classified as an EAA for young pigs.
  2. 2Currently considered as conditionally essential amino acids. They are synthesized insufficiently by animals at certain developmental stages or under certain feeding conditions.
  3. EAA = nutritionally essential AA.
  4. NEAA = nutritionally nonessential AA.