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Table 2 Effect of the ensiling process on total FA content and composition, MDA , DM and WSC content in corn silage

From: Effects of ensiling processes and antioxidants on fatty acid concentrations and compositions in corn silages

Treatments 0.5d 1d 1.5d 2d 3d 5d 7d 14d 28d SEM1
pH 4.61a 4.25b 4.08c 3.85d 3.76de 3.73de 3.70e 3.69e 3.68c 0.06
Total FA, mg/kg DM 23.68a 23.04a 21.73b 19.56c 19.43c 19.45c 19.51c 19.57c 19.75c 0.76
Proportion in DM, mg/kg DM   
C16:0 4.19c 4.27b 4.36b 4.55a 4.56a 4.58a 4.59a 4.62a 4.66a 0.18
C18:0 1.73c 1.78c 1.88b 1.85b 1.91a 2.04a 2.02a 2.05a 2.09a 0.09
C18:1 3.34a 3.01b 2.99b 2.57c 2.45c 2.48c 2.46c 2.45c 2.56c 0.21
C18:2 11.92a 10.64b 9.74c 8.53d 8.34d 8.23d 8.18d 8.19d 8.21d 0.26
C18:3 1.78a 1.59b 1.44c 1.32d 1.31d 1.27d 1.23d 1.19d 1.18d 0.20
Proportion in total FA,%
C16:0 17.69d 18.53c 20.06b 23.26a 23.46a 23.54a 23.52a 23.60a 23.59a 0.41
C18:0 7.31d 7.73d 8.65c 9.46b 9.83a 10.49a 10.35a 10.47a 10.58a 0.52
C18:1 14.10a 13.06b 12.84b 13.14b 12.61b 12.24b 12.61b 12.52b 12.96b 0.35
C18:2 50.33a 46.18b 44.82c 43.61d 42.92d 42.31d 41.93d 41.84d 41.56d 0.62
C18:3 7.52a 6.90b 6.63b 6.74b 6.74b 6.53b 6.30b 6.08b 5.97b 0.24
MDA, μmol/g FW 35.12d 47.33c 60.82b 72.11a 72.18a 73.39a 73.69a 74.60a 74.89a 0.52
DM, g/kg FW 28.83 28.45 27.72 27.69 28.71 28.16 29.80 28.00 27.72 1.69
WSC, g/kg DM 9.93a 9.62a 9.24a 6.73b 6.71b 5.27bc 4.76c 2.29d 2.01d 0.86
  1. a,b,c,d,eWithin a row, means without a common superscript differ (P < 0.05).
  2. 1SEM, standard error mean.