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Figure 2

From: Restricted nutrient intake does not alter serum-mediated measures of implant response in cell culture

Figure 2

Effects of implant and intake level on myosin heavy chain abundance in cultured myocytes. Myocytes from a non-study steer were treated with serum (20% of total media) from study steers drawn on d 0, 14, and 28, and myosin heavy chain abundance was measured. In chart A, steers were either implanted (gray bars) or not implanted (open bars) with a long-acting TBA:E2 implant; in chart B, steers were fed a common diet at either 2.0 (gray bars; HIGH) or 1.0 (white bars; LOW) × maintenance NE requirements. (Effect of day P < 0.01; intake P = 0.85; implant P < 0.01; intake × implant P = 0.23; day × intake P = 0.88; day × implant P < 0.01; day × intake × implant P = 0.44; Error bars represent pooled SEM for treatment means = 0.103).

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