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Table 6 Comparison of liver tissue gene expression levels between microarray and qRT-PCR

From: Identification and characterization of genes that control fat deposition in chickens

  Microarray Real-time PCR
Genes Fold changes in WRR vs. XH Fold changes in WRR vs. XH
SULT1B1 4,13 3,28
LPL 2,5 2,48
ELOVL6 2,18 1,76
ACSBG2 5,3 2,29
PNPLA3 3,03 4,6
BEAN -4,2 -5,76
SLC31A1 7,3 1,09
DDT -6,59 -0,4
PLA2G12A -2,8 -2,6
  1. Validation of differentially expressed genes between WRR and XH chickens by RT-PCR.
  2. The data presented indicate the relative mRNA expression of both microarray and qRT-PCR.
  3. Positive values mean that the gene was up-regulated when WRR chickens were compared with XH chickens. Similarly, a negative number means that the gene was down-regulated.