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Table 7 Effects of antibiotics, zinc oxide, and eucalyptus-medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) on nursery pig performance

From: Alternatives to antibiotics as growth promoters for use in swine production: a review

Items Control Antibiotics1 ZnO ( 1,500 ppm) ZnO (2,500 ppm) Eucalyptus-MCFA SEM P
Weight gain, g/d 243a 315b 298b 308b 310b 13.6 <0.01
Feed intake, g/d 361a 431b 426b 429b 448b 18.1 <0.01
Feed conversion 1.53 1.41 1.44 1.41 1.46 0.05 0.35
  1. Han et al. [65].
  2. 1Tiamulin and lincomycin.
  3. a,bWithin row, means followed by same or no letter do not differ (P>0.05).