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Table 10 Effects of antibiotics, zinc oxide or lanthanum-yeast on nutrient digestibility

From: Alternatives to antibiotics as growth promoters for use in swine production: a review

Items Antibiotics1 Zinc(1,500 ppm) Zinc (2,500 ppm) Lanthanum-yeast SEM P-value
Dry matter 95.19a 93.83b 93.98b 95.46a 0.30 <0.01
Crude protein 74.51ab 71.55b 72.33b 78.34a 1.38 0.01
Calcium 56.59b 46.98c 48.50c 65.10a 1.69 <0.01
Phosphorus 54.87b 43.07c 38.52c 66.11a 2.09 <0.01
Energy 83.51b 81.42b 81.33b 86.89a 0.80 <0.01
Lysine 81.45b 79.42b 80.32b 85.15a 0.95 <0.01
Methionine 83.49b 83.67b 86.76a 87.32a 0.79 <0.01
Phenylalanine 74.21b 73.75b 75.41ab 78.96a 1.32 0.05
Threonine 76.19b 75.13b 75.28b 81.19a 1.58 0.04
  1. Han and Thacker [73].
  2. 1Tiamulin and chlortetraccycline.
  3. a,b,cWithin row, means followed by same or no letter do not differ (P>0.05).