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Table 4 Effect of using YEFECAP as a protein source in ruminants on DMI, digestibility, rumen volatile fatty acid (VFA) production, ruminal microorganisms, and milk production in various studies

From: Development of feeding systems and strategies of supplementation to enhance rumen fermentation and ruminant production in the tropics

Animal DMI Dig. TVFA C2 C3 C2:C3 Bact Prot Fung MSP Milk Reference
Yield Fat Protein
Lactating dairy cows nc nc nd [27]
Dairy steers nd nd nd [37]
Lactating dairy cows ns nc nd nd nc [38]
  1. Abbreviations: DMI dry matter intake, TVFA total volatile fatty acid, C2 acetate, C3 propionate, C2:C3 proportion of acetate to propionate, MPS microbial protein synthesis, increase (↑), decrease (↓) from control group, nd not determined, nc no change.