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Table 2 Effect of of Mago-pel, Maga-lic, Maga-ulic, LLP, MUP, SWEPP on DMI, digestibility, rumen volatile fatty acid (VFA) production and ruminal microorganisms

From: Development of feeding systems and strategies of supplementation to enhance rumen fermentation and ruminant production in the tropics

Pelleting Suppl. Animal DMI Dig. VFA CH4 MPS Prot. Reference
      C2 C3 C4     
MUP 600 g/hd/d Buffalo nd [18]
MUP 600 g/hd/d Buffalo nd nd nd nd nd nd [19]
Mago-pel 300 g/hd/d Dairy cow nc nc nc nc nc nc [20]
Maga-lic 200 g/hd/d Dairy steer nc nc nd [21]
Maga-ulic 200 g/hd/d Dairy steer nc nc [22]
LLP 450 g/hd/d Buffalo nd nd nd nd nd [23]
  1. Abbreviations: MUP mulberry leaf pellet, Mago-pel mangosteen peel pellet, Maga-lic mangosteen peel and garlic pellet, Maga-ulic mangosteen peel, garlic and urea pellet, LLP leucaena leaf pellet, VFA volatile fatty acid, C2 acetic acid, C3 propionic acid, C4 butyric acid, CH 4 methane production, increase (↑), decrease (↓) from control group, nd not determined, nc no change.